Current Conditions

Times in EST. Updates every 10 minutes when the software is running on the home PC. Last Update on 11/13/18 at 3:23p. For the most up to date information, see the Wunderground data above.
Current Low High
Temperature 44.9°F 40.8°F at 12:00a 47.1°F at 1:10p
Humidity 83% 83% at 3:04p 98% at 10:22a
Pressure 30.046in 29.946in at 9:36a 30.275in at 12:00a
Dew Point 40.0°F 39.0°F at 12:00a 45.0°F at 10:22a
Heat Index 44.8°F 47.0°F at 12:05p
Wind Chill 43.9°F 41.0°F at 12:00a

Current Direction 10 Minute Average High
Wind Speed 4.0mph WNW 3.0mph 12.0mph at 2:06p

Current Rate Daily Total Highest Rate
Rain 0.00 in/hr 0.66in 0.26 in/hr at 4:13a

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