Current Conditions

Times in EST. Updates every 10 minutes when the software is running on the home PC. Last Update on 06/10/19 at 5:13p. For the most up to date information, see the Wunderground data above.
Current Low High
Temperature 71.9°F 59.6°F at 6:10a 71.9°F at 5:09p
Humidity 96% 59% at 12:00a 97% at 8:54a
Pressure 29.918in 29.918in at 5:00p 30.220in at 12:00a
Dew Point 70.7°F 51.0°F at 12:00a 71.0°F at 4:37p
Heat Index 74.9°F 75.0°F at 3:58p
Wind Chill 71.9°F 60.0°F at 4:08a

Current Direction 10 Minute Average High
Wind Speed 0.0mph E 0.0mph 8.0mph at 1:22p

Current Rate Daily Total Highest Rate
Rain 0.06 in/hr 0.38in 0.27 in/hr at 12:11p

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